Biopolinex is a company whose domain of activity are energy efficiency, rational use of energy in accordance with the principles

of sustainable development, and investments in renewable energy sources.


Biopolinex  is a company that actively conducts research and development activities, initiating, cooperating and carrying out research and implementation projects.


Biopolinex provides comprehensive support for investments in renovation and construction works, with particular emphasis on thermomodernization works. The process includes conducting renovation and energy audits as well as execution. The company provides support already at the stage of making decisions regarding the general outline of the planned investment, through its design, obtaining necessary permits and administrative decisions, until the turnkey investment. A number of thermomodernization investments of buildings in Lublin, Warsaw, Radom, Puławy and other cities were implemented in this area. In this area of activity, Biopolinex is actively entering the Ukrainian market.


Biopolinex performs energy audits of enterprises, primarily targeted at large companies, containing a detailed overview of energy consumption in buildings or building units, in industrial installations and in transport.


Biopolinex builds on the basis of the patent rights it holds, the so-called. "MEB installations" (Small Biomethane Cogeneration Plants), which are ideal for farms, processing plants, dairies, pig and cattle producers and other biomass resources. The company offers the construction of biogas installations with low energy capacities adapted to the investor's needs.


Biopolinex implements new biogas technologies targeted at municipal wastewater treatment plants, which are a large supplier

of biomass in the form of generated sludge, hence Biopolinex uses its knowledge and experience and in cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology deals with the development of new solutions for this sector of the economy. Currently, purification costs are incurred for the processing and utilization of sewage - sewage sludge. The technology offered enables us to generate revenues from waste water treatment. The company is a co-author of this solution.


Biopolinex uses the knowledge and experience of its employees and associates when providing consultancy and consulting services.

Biopolinex implements the following projects:

About us

Our projects speak for us.



"Development of technologies for the preparation of substrates used in methane co-fermentation by disintegration methods"




"Plasma technology for removing nitrogen oxides from flue gas."




"Development of a hybrid system using the fast electron accelerator to purify the exhaust gas in diesel engines used in marine vessels."




"Construction of a production plant for innovative Small

Biomethane Heat and Power Plants."


About us

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Biopolinex Sp. z o. o. is a company whose activities are related to energy efficiency, rational use of energy in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and investments in renewable energy sources



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Firma Biopolinex zarejestrowana jest w Krajowym Rejestrze Sądowym pod numerem 0000345851;

REGON: 060566982; NIP: 9462595328; kapitał zakładowy: 100 000,00 PLN opłacony w całości.