The first step after making the decision on building a biogas plant is the laborious process of collecting all necessary documents. The next step is to implement the investment project, to launch it, and hand over to the Investor. This entire process requires involvement of specialists in various domains. Our company offers such potential. We are ready to quickly and efficiently carry out the whole investment procedure. As a part of this action, we offer:

  • 1. Initial profitability analysis of the investment project. Enter basic information into the form:
  • 2. Collecting full data and necessary information about the investment project.
  • 3. Preparing preliminary technical-economic assumptions.
  • 4. Preparing the necessary documentation for the investment project being implemented:



    • – project outline
    • – preparing a business plan along with economic analysis
    • – finding funding sources for the investment project, preparing contracts for respective subsidy
    • or bank crediting and coordination of those actions
    • – preparing information sheet
    • – obtaining building conditions
    • – obtaining an environmental decision, preparing a report on the project’s effects
    • on the environment (if required)
    • – preparing the building design together with all the required opinions arrangements,
    • permits and other documents
    • – preparing cost estimate
    • – obtaining the building permit
    • – agreeing and concluding contracts with process equipment suppliers,
    • – agreeing and entering into contracts with contractors and subcontractors,
    • – agreeing and concluding contracts for energy, electricity, heat and gas sales
  • 5. The implementation of the investment project:
    • – reporting the construction project
    • – executing all the construction works
    • – ensuring building supervision
    • – monitoring the subcontractors who implement the orders
    • – current control over the costs of the investment project being implemented.
  • 6. Conducting technical commissioning.
  • 7. Launching the plant.
  • 8. Handing over the investment project to the Investor.

Thanks to modern solutions, we can configure any arrangement, depending on the production needs of the customers:

A biogas plant – generating biogas only (biogas can be cleaned to the GZ-50 gas parameters)

A combined heat and power plant– generating electric energy, heat (with possible addition of an absorption chiller that transfers process heat into chill)

A power-gas plant – generating electric energy and gas fuel

A power plant – generating electric energy only An additional product at each system is good-quality organic fertilizer.




After entering basic information into the form, you will receive an initial analysis from us.

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Biopolinex Sp. z o. o. is a company whose domain of activity is energy efficiency, rational use of energy in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and investments in renewable energy sources.

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