The MEB systems (small bio-methane heat and power stations) offered by Biopolinex are an ideal solution for farms, processing plants, dairies, sawmills, and any small industrial plants having biomass to generate biogas. Biogas generation takes place through the process of mesophilic fermentation of farming side products (e.g., corn or grass silage, beet leaves, etc.), and food and industrial waste (e.g., whey, distillery brew, kitchen waste).What differentiates the MEB systems from other biogas plants is reduced demand for substrate, and increased content of biomethane in the obtained biogas. This is possible due to the application of new preparation methods and biomass flows, and justifies economically facilities of the 60 – 100 kWe class. Nowadays, it is the most economic technology, and the solutions applied enable more beneficial operating conditions of a biogas plant. The main innovation is separating the hydrolysis process from the fermentation process – applying separate tanks for the hydrolysis process. The hydrolysis process is the decay of biomass into simple carbohydrates, which enables faster fermentation process – access of Pseudomonas bacteria to elemental carbon. Before the hydrolysis process, biomass is properly prepared, among others, by fragmentation and pumping into a hydrolysis apparatus. After 24 hours of the hydrolysis process, it is pumped into a fermenting device. Adequate preparation of biomass and the application of the hydrolysis process enables a great freedom in selecting the types of substrates to be used and their quantity. In the above process, biomass is mixed with the pumps located outside the cuboid-shaped fermenting device.An advantage is the fact that in the event of a pump failure, there is no interference in the fermentation process, which is an anaerobic process. An emergency pump replacement takes place outside the fermentation device.Due to the use of new process solutions, it is possible to shorten the fermentation process to about 20 days (other technologies need approximately 80 days). Also, other solutions implemented in this process enable much more effective operation of the plant in the biomethane generation process. The average content of methane in the biogas is from 60% to as much as 75%, this is reflected in lower consumption of biomass from 40% – 50% as compared to other processes.

The biogas generated is brought to the standard of fuel with high methane number, used to drive a cogeneration plant, and of fuel with GZ-50 parameters, or of compressed CNG fuel, or liquefied LNG. A cogeneration plant fed with biogas produces electric energy and heat, or, with the application of an absorptive chiller, it may change thermal energy into chill, to supply e.g., an air-conditioning system, or to be used in industrial refrigeration plants. Part of process heat is used for the biogas plant’s own needs (biomass heating, maintaining constant temperature in the tanks, and in the technical building). The rest can be used to heat facilities in the neighbourhood, to supply an absorption refrigerator, to supply a thermal regeneration element that generates additional electric energy, or can be sold via a thermal centre to a heating plant.

Thanks to modern solutions, we can configure any arrangement, depending on the production needs of the customers:

A biogas plant – generating biogas only (biogas can be cleaned to the GZ-50 gas parameters)

A combined heat and power plant– generating electric energy, heat (with possible addition of an absorption chiller that transfers process heat into chill)

A power-gas plant – generating electric energy and gas fuel

A power plant – generating electric energy only An additional product at each system is good-quality organic fertilizer.




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Biopolinex Sp. z o. o. is a company whose domain of activity is energy efficiency, rational use of energy in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and investments in renewable energy sources.

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