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Biopolinex Sp. z o. o. is a company whose activities are related to energy efficiency, rational use of energy in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and investments in renewable energy sources



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Firma Biopolinex zarejestrowana jest w Krajowym Rejestrze Sądowym pod numerem 0000345851;

REGON: 060566982; NIP: 9462595328; kapitał zakładowy: 100 000,00 PLN opłacony w całości.



The energy audit is a study that analyzes energy consumption, and then identifies what changes and improvements need to be made to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. It is also assessed how profitable these changes and improvements are.

The energy audit complies with the requirements set out in the "Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 10 August 2012 on the detailed scope and method of preparing an energy efficiency audit, template for an energy efficiency audit card and methods for calculating energy savings," which was amended by the "Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of September 3, 2015 amending the regulation on the detailed scope and forms of energy audit and part of the renovation audit, templates of audit cards, as well as the algorithm for assessing the profitability of a thermo-modernization project. "

The energy audit is a document needed:

  • the owner of the building as a basis for making a decision about the advisability of thermo-modernization,

  • institution financing the thermo-modernization investment as proof that the project is economically effective.

The energy audit is the assumptions for the construction project. It is also the basis for verifying the ordered power, as it includes the calculation of the current heat load. A positively verified audit is necessary (together with the credibility of the customer's creditworthiness) to grant a loan, which is partly repaid thanks to the reduction of heating costs.

The energy audit covers:

  • assessment of the current technical condition of the building and its installation,

  • determining the energy performance of the building,

  • list of thermomodernization improvements within the scope of the thermomodernization project,

  • technical description of the thermo-modernization project to be implemented,

  • economic assessment of the selected option.


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