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About us

Biopolinex Ltd is company acting on the market of Renewable Energy Sources. We`re offering complex support for investments – from initial consulting and planning to complete execution. Our company, seeking new, efficient solutions, elaborated product based on innovative patent of fuel gas and electrical and heat energy production.

MEB (eng. Small Biomethane Thermal-Electric Power Station) is perfect for supplying farms, processing plants, dairies, lumber mills and every kind of industrial plant. Maintaining classic form of a biogas plant, after application of a few modifications, MEB uses less biomass to achieve the same power comparing to the other competing objects. This, combined with higher productivity of biomass containing over 70% of methane, allows to use the available resources more efficiently.

As a result of technical capabilities created by the patent elaboration, our company obtained product that isn’t oppressive for the natural environment and its nearest surroundings. Example of such object is designed installation of an MEB 64 localized in the vicinity of a hotel complex.